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Set Yourself Free From Imposter Syndrome To Unleash Your True Potential In Impacting People’s Lives Beyond Your Expectations

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Whether you’re a senior executive, chief executive officer, board member, or a high-ranking official,
You need high-level leadership training to help you develop the necessary skills,
And strengthen your influence in order to confidently lead your organization.
Because here’s the thing…
Being a leader is not all about you…
Your role as a leader is to tap on your team’s inner potential and unleash them.
And before you can influence your team, you have to willingly serve them without thinking of anything in return.

That Being Said...

This course is perfect for you…

  • If you feel that your leadership style is not effective as you have expected
  • If you find it difficult to have clarity in your vision
  • If you are looking for new, innovative ways of developing and managing people
  • If you are risking developing new business ventures
  • If you need to improve your team’s productivity
  • If you’re experiencing a huge decrease in employee turnover
  • If you desire to have increased engagement, create a strong and united team
  • If you want to master the art of negotiation and conflict management
  • If you’re willing to develop the ability to give constructive feedback and receive as well.

And this could go on forever…
But, if these are your desires, you’re definitely on the right track!

Dear friend,

If you are one of those people who wants to inspire and motivate people.
That makes you a catalyst for the greater good.
And this involves a lot of delegation, instruction, and training.
But how do you get started? 
How do you know the most important trait that all leaders should have?
Remember the great leaders of old?

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Franklin D. Roosevelt

These are people known to have good values, 
...With great leadership skills?
And these other groups of modern individuals…

Bill Gates

Steve Jobs

Elon Musk

Mark Zuckerberg

Jeff Bezos

Warren Buffet

Famous entrepreneurs…
Ambitious... Passionate... Successful…
They all have one thing in common. 
It’s a 9-letter word and starts with the letter “I” and ends with the letter “E”

I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E

The word is INFLUENCE.

You see,
Being a leader is not an easy feat.
Some are born with the quality of being one,
As for others it is a developed trait.
But as individuals capable of growth and progress,
Sometimes we get into a situation where our inner leader is being called to step up to the plate.
And becoming a great leader for your team means you have to have an influence on them.
Evaluate yourself in what kind of leader you are so you know how you can influence your team.

I know how it feels

A few weeks ago, my son asked me…

“Dad, how can you manage to be a business owner and at the same time, do the things that you do in the family and play a role in many other things?
Are you not tired?”

I completely forgot what I said exactly but all I remember is...

“I love to serve people”

Now, why am I sharing this?
Well, it’s because before you can influence others,
You must first serve others…
You don’t have to be a president of the United States to make an impact.
You just have to start serving people around you.
And once you’ve done it, your areas of opportunity will expand as your influence expands.
Are you ready?
Because, this online leadership training will help you to be the most effective, efficient and best leader possible.
As you influence others for good.

Now, before anything else…

Let’s get this straight…

What GOT You Into Your Leadership Role Is Not Necessarily 
Same Skills And Talents That Will Sustain You And Allow You To Grow

And yes, you heard that right.
The hard skills that got you into leadership are not going to propel you and allow you to grow as you should as a leader.
Requires SOFT SKILLS on your end.
And like any other skills,
These soft skills can be learned.
And you only need two things to acquire this skill.
First, you need top-level leadership skills training that will teach you correct principles so you can build your foundation in developing any soft skills you lack.
And lastly, you need to apply it hands-on so you can instill the skill and knowledge for the long term.
So once you’ve registered for this course...’ll acquire Exclusive Access to the most in-depth online leadership training available anywhere in the world,
To educate you in leveling up your leadership skills so you can make a far-reaching impact on people around you and build lasting influence to take your business beyond.

So here’s a small taste of what awaits you inside this training...

Three straightforward steps in generative learning to guide you in your leadership role

These three straightforward actions are necessary to actively incorporate new facts and thoughts into what you currently know.

Discover different soft-interpersonal skills that you can learn and improve

You’ll get to know the process by which people exchange information, feelings, and meaning through verbal and non-verbal messages.

Identify six different leadership styles

You’ll understand the traits of six leadership styles and differentiate them from one to another so you can evaluate yourself later on which leadership style you possess and think of ways on how you can be a more effective leader.

The important role of emotional intelligence in leading people

You’ll see the essential role of your emotional intelligence in leading your people and making an influence throughout your organization that is inviting and encouraging for them.

The Art of “Growth Mindset”

If you don’t know how to look at any situation, especially difficult situations, as an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and change for the better, you are doing a huge disservice to your team. 

Workplace communication fundamentals

Like any other structure, there is a foundation to be considered and that foundation should be rock solid. And as a leader, you should know these fundamentals.

The Art of “Questioning”

If you don’t have this leadership skill, it’s costing you (or your client) BIG.

The “Big 6” to powerful negotiation

You’ll lose tons of money and opportunities if you can't negotiate or close a deal. So applying these “Big 6” will greatly

Time management pressures

You may be good at time management but if you’re not aware of what pressures you to be good at managing your time, you’re bound to lose direction in the long run.

Take note...
These are just nine out of countless lessons you can take away by the end of this online training.
Because true learning starts when you commit yourself and put you accountable for your actions.
That’s why I’m really excited to see you on the other side.

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Here are some of the great benefits when you enroll yourself in the Level Up Leadership Training:

Benefit #1 Increase Team Productivity

Effective leadership leads to effective communication, and effective communication leads to team productivity. You’ll be able to bridge the gap between you and your team as you learn to translate complicated tasks into simple directions.

Benefit #2 Be An Alpha Leader

With the right principles, tools, and skills, you may earn tremendous respect from your teammates and serve as a great role model for those around you. Meaning, you’ll be able to inspire and make a far-reaching impact towards your team and organization.

Benefit #3 Foster Open Workplace Culture

Working in an open culture environment creates a huge avenue for your team’s flexibility and creativity, which means better performance. And with better performance, it will eventually lead to an increased overall performance.

Benefit #4 Make better decisions

As you strive to increase your emotional intelligence, you’ll have a better perspective necessary to make informed and wise business decisions. Remember, everything you see in this world starts with YOU.

All I can say is that, at the conclusion of this course,
You are going to return home to your team, with a better sense of leadership?
Because all the things that you’ll learn in this online leadership training will not only allow you to generate new ideas for innovation for your company,
But most especially, allow you to have a clearer vision and improved leadership skills.
And eventually manifest itself in your organization.
As a result, a healthy environment develops, which can indirectly and positively affect your business growth.
And this is how you can EXPECT GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN!
As this online leadership training is going to undoubtedly be the best investment you’ll ever make in your lifetime!

Here’s What These People Have To Say About How Awesome 

Richard D. Marks Is:

Richard's professionalism is clear in everything he does. He is an expert in his field and will work alongside you to build and sustain your brand. I highly recommend his services.

R.L. Davis
Executive Producer
Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona, United States

Richard is very gifted at “turnarounds”; i.e. taking low-performing sales teams and turning them into something great.  Richard comes with my highest recommendation as he would be an asset to any organization.

Briana Jolicoeur
San Diego, California, United States
Vice President Human Resources

Richard delivered Effective Communication training to about 25 of our employees, and they could not stop raving about his class. I would recommend him for any training where you need a dynamic, energetic trainer who can deliver content that keeps participants excited about learning all day. In fact, our employees asked that we have him back to train the entire workforce - it was THAT good. Here are some of the things they said:

"Richard's delivery was phenomenal, the content was interactive and engaging! Amazing job!!"

"This was an amazing class! I learned so much and the content gave me the ability to make connections on concepts I want to grow in! Thank you!"

"Loved the class! Richard was awesome and a perfect example of
effective communication.

Karleen Harp
Human Resources Manager
Oceanside, California, United States

What Value Will You Get From This Leadership Training:

This training is solely for people that are professionals, business owners, executives, and high-ranking officials.

The goal is to level up your leadership and communication skills so you can positively influence them in the process.

For everything that this course offers, I can easily charge it for up to $10,000 dollars training one-on-one…

Or easily charge $5,000 which is the average price of my live training and conferences.

But because today is special, You can get an exclusive access to




Yes, imagine that for the bargain price of $200.00!
You get exclusive access to an unparalleled online leadership training program!
That will skyrocket your team’s performance, and your overall effectiveness to new heights.
Experience top-quality leadership training,
Build better teams,
And train future leaders,
As you establish a conducive workplace culture for everyone to succeed.
This is your chance to create a strong community that helps you in overcoming imposter syndrome and excel together as one.

That’s why…

As part of your decision to sign up, you will get to watch and review all the training materials on a lifetime access. .
So if I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity!

Remember, timer flies fast!


Who is Richard D. Marks and Why You

Should Take Up on This Offer?


Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence - these are the same four key principles that have guided Richard throughout his 30-year career in business.

Richard is a top-notch leader by mind and a gallant soldier by heart. From being a US Army Veteran to a Sought-After Entrepreneur, he has proven himself to successfully transform struggling teams into top performers in their field. He is also an established author of “The Empowerment Series Volume I & II”.

For over 18 years, Richard has effectively applied best practices to turn failing sales teams into high-performing ones in the competitive wireless industry prior to founding RDM Management Group.

Richard shares his athletic mindset and years of wisdom in handling conflicts with tons of professionals who seek his advice and guidance.

And now, you have his attention at the tip of your finger, waiting for you to commit yourself to change your perspective not only with engaging in conflict but also in life in its entirety.

“Positive change always encounters resistance, conflict, and obstacles. We must embrace difficult and heated situations in life, for that is the method of igniting our reactions in order to transform them.” 

-Yehuda Berg

Frequently Asked Questions


If you registered and got your exclusive access, but later realize that you are not satisfied with your investment despite the high-value training you are getting.

You can get your money back within 30 days after you purchase the online course.
You just have to send us an email to [email protected] with a written and valid explanation of why you’re not satisfied with the course.

A Personal Note from Richard

Being a leader is definitely a tough job. Sometimes, you may fall into 'imposter syndrome' and begin to wonder if you're good enough.

I’ve been there. I served the army for years. I had moments that I wanted to give up but I didn’t because I love to serve, I kept moving forward. I kept hustling.

Now here is something I’ve learned throughout my experience.

If you want to be a good leader, if you really want to lead like an alpha, you have to work for it too!
Because, even if you’re a talented and skilled leader, you won’t overcome challenges and persevere through all the things life throws at you, if you’re not equipped to do it.

So, I invite you to take advantage of my LEVEL UP LEADERSHIP TRAINING, where I will teach you everything you need to know about taking your leadership skills to the next level.

The fact that you made it this far means you truly want to better lead your team to success.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and by any means, whatever it takes,
Register for this exclusive online leadership training before the timer ends.


Rooting for you,
Richard D. Marks

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