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Discover The 22 Ways Your Unconscious Bias Is Shaped

So You Can Immediately Implement Them
To Help You Make Better Decisions Personally And Professionally

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Dear friend,
Most people in leadership are sometimes not aware of their unconscious bias.
Whether you’re a senior executive, chief executive officer, board member, or a high-ranking official,
…if you don’t understand your unconscious bias and are unaware of its origin,
You are bound to fail in making better decisions and building a workforce and workplace that supports and encourages diversity. equity and inclusion.
In other words, your unconscious bias can prevent you...

❌ From accomplishing your goals and objectives

❌ From seeing things from different perspectives

❌ From being open to different perspectives and views of others

And if you don’t recognize it, won’t be able to unleash your team’s full potential and inspire them to perform at their best.

That Being Said...

This Training Is Perfect for You…


  • If you feel that there’s tension between older and younger employees in your team or organization.

  • If you want to address racial and cultural discrimination.

  • If you want to ensure that you make the best decisions - personally and professionally.

  • If you want to resolve real issues as quickly as possible but are afraid to confront someone upfront.

  • If you want to get rid of stereotypes in your workplace.

  • If you want to achieve higher efficiency and satisfaction in the workplace.

Basically, if you desire to create and establish a safe and open work culture environment for you and your team,
...this training can help you a ton!
But before you continue, let me first get this straight...


We all have unconscious biases…
I remember what my mother always said when I was a kid.
She said, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”
I know you’ve heard this old English idiom.
And even though you perfectly know this, why do you still judge the cover before the book itself like anyone else?
Look, it’s like a virus that you can’t totally get rid of.
It’s always there and will be there throughout generations.
And if you’re not aware of the virus and its origin,
It can cause harm to not just you but also everyone whose life you are affecting right now.
Here’s the thing…
If you don’t do something and let unconscious biases prevail over you and your organization,
It can lead you to…

❌ Employing the incorrect individual for a job
❌ Ignorance of your consumers
❌ Undervaluing workers and failing to get the most value from them
❌ Causing brilliant workers to become dissatisfied and quit
❌ Promoting workers who are incompetent beyond their capabilities
❌ Endangering the reputation of your brand
❌ Allowing you to be subjected to discriminatory legal action

That’s why all medical professionals always say “prevention is better than cure.”
And this training is exactly built and designed to help you recognize your unconscious biases and how to best prevent them in your workplace and even in your personal life.

Once you’ve registered in this top-level training,’ll acquire Exclusive Access to the most in-depth online training about unconscious bias available anywhere in the world,

So here’s a glimpse of what awaits you inside this training…

Steps in generative learning to determine your unconscious bias

These three straightforward actions are necessary to actively incorporate new facts and thoughts into what you currently know.

The important role of emotional intelligence in unconscious bias

You’ll see how emotional intelligence affects your unconscious bias in managing behavior, navigating social complexities, and making personal decisions.

Three major impacts of unconscious bias in the workplace

Be aware of these three major impacts of unconscious bias or you suffer the consequences. Remember, only in awareness, you can prevent the worst things to happen.

Personal unconscious bias strategies

Discover the effective blueprint in leveraging your unconscious bias for you and your team’s benefit, and how you can implement them.

The Two Major Types of Bias

You have to be aware of these two types of bias or else, how can you address it?

Understand Emotional Tax

What would it feel like if you always guard your personal well-being whenever you’re at work just to protect yourself against bias? Most likely… you’ll quit your job.

Breaking Down Barriers

Learn all common barriers to equality, diversity, and inclusion, and how to break them.

These are some of the things you’ll have inside the training.
Are you ready to take over your unconscious bias and make better decisions - personally and collectively?
Well, if you’re ready…
...I’m excited to see you in training!

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Here are some of the great benefits when you enroll yourself in the Unconscious Bias Training:

Benefit #1
Boost team productivity

Working in an open culture atmosphere opens up enormous opportunities for your team's flexibility and innovation, resulting in improved performance. And improved performance will ultimately result in enhanced overall performance.

Benefit #2
Increase employee retention

Bridging the gap and promoting diversity in your workplace can increase current employees' loyalty to your firm. In this way, no one will feel left behind or estranged.

Benefit #3
Encourage a culture of transparency in the workplace 
At All Times

By focusing on developing awareness and comprehension of unconscious bias, you may encourage more employees to examine their own prejudices. After all, if workers become aware that their prejudices or beliefs are influencing them, you've initiated a conversation that may help reduce bias in your workplace.

Benefit #4
Make sound judgments

As you work to develop your emotional intelligence and increase your unconscious bias awareness, you will have the perspective essential to make sound business judgments. Always bear in mind that everything you perceive in this world originates with YOU.

All I can say at this point is that after this course concludes,
You are going to return to your team with a better awareness of what causes your unconscious biases.
Because all the things that you’ll learn in this online training will not only allow you to have a clearer vision of how to address biases within your workplace,
But most especially, you can help your team and whole organization free from biased judgments and prejudices.
As a result, a fun and healthy environment develops, which can indirectly and positively affect your business growth.
And this is how you can EXPECT GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN!

This online course will surely be the best investment you'll ever make for yourself and your team!

Here’s What These People Have To Say About How Awesome 

Richard D. Marks Is:

Richard's professionalism is clear in everything he does. He is an expert in his field and will work alongside you to build and sustain your brand. I highly recommend his services.

R.L. Davis
Executive Producer
Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona, United States

Richard is very gifted at “turnarounds”; i.e. taking low-performing sales teams and turning them into something great.  Richard comes with my highest recommendation as he would be an asset to any organization.

Briana Jolicoeur
San Diego, California, United States
Vice President Human Resources

Richard delivered Effective Communication training to about 25 of our employees, and they could not stop raving about his class. I would recommend him for any training where you need a dynamic, energetic trainer who can deliver content that keeps participants excited about learning all day. In fact, our employees asked that we have him back to train the entire workforce - it was THAT good. Here are some of the things they said:

"Richard's delivery was phenomenal, the content was interactive and engaging! Amazing job!!"

"This was an amazing class! I learned so much and the content gave me the ability to make connections on concepts I want to grow in! Thank you!"

"Loved the class! Richard was awesome and a perfect example of
effective communication.

Karleen Harp
Human Resources Manager
Oceanside, California, United States

What Value Will You Get From
This Unconscious Bias Training:

This training is definitely for you if you are one who belongs to this group of professionals, business owners, executives, and high-ranking officials.
The goal is to raise awareness and prevent unconscious biases in the workplace so you can positively influence them in the process.
For everything that this course offers, my goal is to make this training available for anyone learn and improve in the area of unconscious bias.

But because today is special, this comprehensive training is offered to you for $100.00!

Yes, let me say that again, at $100.00!

Imagine that for the bargain price of $100.00. 
You get exclusive access to an unparalleled online training program about unconscious bias awareness!
That will skyrocket your team’s performance, and your overall effectiveness to new heights.
Experience top-quality training,
Build better teams,
And train future leaders, 
As you establish a conducive workplace culture for everyone to succeed.
This is your chance to create a strong community that helps you in overcoming unconscious biases and excel together as one.

That’s why…

As part of your decision to sign up, you will get to watch and review all the training materials on a lifetime access. .
So if I were you, I wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity!

Remember, timer flies fast so, Register NOW!


Who is Richard D. Marks and Why You

Should Take Up on This Offer?


Self-Discipline, Self-Confidence, Motivation, and Emotional Intelligence - these are the same four key principles that have guided Richard throughout his 30-year career in business.

Richard is a top-notch leader by mind and a gallant soldier by heart. From being a US Army Veteran to a Sought-After Entrepreneur, he has proven himself to successfully transform struggling teams into top performers in their field. He is also an established author of “The Empowerment Series Volume I & II”.

For over 18 years, Richard has effectively applied best practices to turn failing sales teams into high-performing ones in the competitive wireless industry prior to founding RDM Management Group.

Richard shares his athletic mindset and years of wisdom in handling conflicts with tons of professionals who seek his advice and guidance.

And now, you have his attention at the tip of your finger, waiting for you to commit yourself to change your perspective not only with engaging in conflict but also in life in its entirety.

“Positive change always encounters resistance, conflict, and obstacles. We must embrace difficult and heated situations in life, for that is the method of igniting our reactions in order to transform them.” 

-Yehuda Berg

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You can get your money back within 30 days after you purchase the online course.
You just have to send us an email to [email protected] with a written and valid explanation of why you’re not satisfied with the course.

A Personal Note from Richard

Being a leader is definitely a tough job. Sometimes, you may fall into 'imposter syndrome' and begin to wonder if you're good enough.

I’ve been there. I served the army for years. I had moments that I wanted to give up but I didn’t because I love to serve, I kept moving forward. I kept hustling.

Now here is something I’ve learned throughout my experience.
If you want to be a good leader, if you really want to lead like an alpha, you have to work for it too!
Because, even if you’re a talented and skilled leader, you won’t overcome challenges and persevere through all the things life throws at you, if you’re not equipped to do it.

So, I invite you to take advantage of my UNCONSCIOUS BIAS TRAINING, where I will teach you everything you need to know about taking your leadership skills to the next level.

The fact that you made it this far means you truly want to better lead your team to success.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity and by any means, whatever it takes.

Register for this exclusive online leadership training before the timer ends.

Rooting for you,
Richard D. Marks

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